Ceramic Kilns

Why we partner with Evenheat!

At Evenheat, design matters. We’re constantly evaluating our design choices and construction techniques to produce the best possible products. Kilns are equipment, and like any piece of equipment, they will be used. Making sure they work well with you is our primary concern. Our designs include many unique and user friendly features such as our custom lid and door handles that are easy to grasp and operate, lid lift systems designed not only to help lift the lid but to protect the kiln from damage and our pivoting swing-up controls for comfortable use.

Design means nothing without performance. We’ve chosen our controls carefully. Our programmable Set-Pro and Rampmaster controls are manufactured exclusively for us by Bartlett Instrument Company in Fort Madison, Iowa. Bartlett controls have earned a well deserved reputation for firing accuracy and quality. There is none better and we are delighted to use their products.

Well designed equipment that performs as it should, that’s what Evenheat delivers.